Asking Questions

I am usually pretty tolerant when it comes to questions, but if a question is too ridiculous I will not be answering it, case in point. Any frequently asked questions appearing on this page will be any GOOD question I've been asked several times that I feel belongs in the FAQ. My judgment of this may be different from other people's, but I feel any questions that appear on this page will be sufficient.

I am hoping that any of the questions located below will help with more general inquiries about the game, and if anyone happens to ask a question once it has appeared in the FAQ section, I will simply tell them to go read the FAQ as it will have their answer.


Q. What do each of the stats do in the game?

Pink_NormalTalk A. Although it is explained in-game, I will write out the details here for those who like to mash through cut-scenes. In the game, your stats are HP (Hit Points), SP (Skill Points), STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity), AGI (Agility), INT (Intelligence), ATK (Attack Power), PDEF (Physical Defense), and MDEF (Magic Defense). Most of those are self-explanatory, but STR, DEX, AGI, and INT all have secondary effects. When you raise STR on a character via the Status menu, it will also raise that character's PDEF and ATK by 5. STR also plays a part in deciding turn order in-battle and increases basic attack power and melee skill strength. DEX increases the chance of getting a critical hit, and increases the damage of ranged skills. Increasing DEX in the Status screen raises HP by 20 as well. AGI increases the chance of evading a critical hit, and plays a role in deciding turn order in-battle. Increasing AGI in the Status screen raises MDEF by 5 as well. INT is the primary source of damage for magic skills. Inreasing INT in the Status screen raises SP by 40 as well. Increasing your max SP this way also increases a character's natural SP regeneration rate.

Q. What do I do after the cut-scene on the bridge at Featherhorn Mountains?

Pink_NormalTalk A. Look carefully at the scenery immediately after you cross the bridge. If you look, you will notice that one of the rocks stands out from the rest of the rocks you have seen in all of Featherhorn Mountains so far. All you need to do is activate the particularly rounded boulder to progress further. This is the first time in the game where the player must really use their head to find a solution, so let this experience be a lesson to watch out in the future if you get stuck.

Q. Will there always be two separate versions of the game (Mode7 and No Mode7)?

Pink_NormalTalk A. No, actually... I'm intending to program the choice between Mode7 and No Mode7 into the game's Options menu. This makes it a lot easier for me as well because I will not need to constantly go through the annoyance of piecing together the differences between the two versions at every demo release. Just remember to set which graphics mode you want before reaching the World Map!

Q. When will the next demo be out?

Pink_Suspicious A. It'll be out when it's done.