Greetings and welcome to the Moonlite Shadows homepage! This webpage is dedicated to the Moonlite Shadows XP RPG project. Moonlite Shadows XP is revamping the old Moonlite Shadows made in RPG Maker 2003, and converting it to RPG Maker XP with plenty of new features, maps, etc to make it a completely new experience! Both RPG Maker 2003 and RPG Maker XP are products made by enterBrain, a Japanese company.

Moonlite Shadows XP has been in production off and on since July 2008 and still continues to update with more content as time progresses. This webpage will update along with the game so fans and new players can keep up to date and enjoy the game.

For those curious, the website for the original Moonlite Shadows made in RPG Maker 2003 can be viewed by clicking here.



It has been quite the long abscence, but I have been working on Moonlite Shadows some more now that life has quieted down a bit. I have actually gone back to tuned up many things with the game itself since I still had a lot of ideas for new features to implement after releasing the previous demo.

One thing I went and fixed up was all of the game's custom artwork! My previous colouring jobs from around two years ago were simply too out-of-date for me to keep. Thus, all the game's artwork has now received a shiny new coat of paint to make them look that much better! My new colouring style is generally smoother and less spotty, so hopefully it will be liked better than the old stuff.

I have also updated the game's demo to include all the new features that I have implemented thus far. There are no new areas compared to the previous demo, but many bugs have been fixed, and so many mechanics have been fixed up that it is generally a very different experience anyways. If you want to try it out, head over to the Downloads page.


The explanation for my fairly long hiatus shall be revealed now! Over the past few months I've begun redesigning Moonlite Shadows as a whole by carrying it over into the RPG Maker XP engine. This engine features a powerful scripting language that will allow me to create pretty well whatever I would want, while still having the ease of tile-based mapping and a few default commands. The differences between the old version and the new, revamped version are extremely dramatic! The game has also switched over to a turn-based battle system with a few extra perks to keep it interesting. There are too many new features to the game to describe here, so that's why...

...a demo has been released showing off the first little bit of the revamped game! It will be available on the Downloads page along with a special Font Pack. The Font Pack is only needed if you do not have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on your computer. The game still works fine with missing fonts, it will merely be reduced to the backup, very default fonts. There are also two versions of the demo available, the regular version and the "No Mode7" version. The No Mode7 version is meant for computers that have less than 768MB-1GB of RAM, otherwise the effects used on the World Map in the regular version of the game will cause a crash due to there not being enough RAM to handle the game.

Lastly, the website has been completely redesigned to look a bit more visually appealing. The design is based off of the in-game graphics for Moonlite Shadows XP. I hope viewers like this new design more than the old one. Oh... and the other buttons on the sidebar will have characters added to each of them as more become available in released demos! If you still want to visit the old website, you can visit it by clicking here.