Moonlite Shadows has a rather lengthy story that builds up more and more as the player progresses through the game. Unlike in the original Moonlite Shadows, Moonlite Shadows XP reveals some of the key plot points a bit sooner so the player is not kept hanging for too long. There are several points in the game where the storyline may be shifted depending on the player's actions to allow multiple endings.


Moonlite Shadows is a completely original Role-Playing Game created by Pink (That would be me). The story, characters, etcetera were created completely through my own imagination. Some of the characters are based off of my friends, and another is from a popular game series, but all the rest of the characters are original.


All is quiet and peaceful within the Featherhorn Woods as Pink sits calmly reading in her home. The sounds of nature can be heard outside as it is a beautiful day with no distractions... but the peace and quiet does not last very long. While reading, Pink hears a strange cry from within the forest, followed by the sounds of fire. Feeling alarmed by the sudden noise, Pink sets down her book and walks over to pick up her trusty battle hammer that was laying against the wall.

Outside, Pink is met with an alarming sight... smoke, and lots of it! No doubt that something was burning in the forest, and she knows she will have to act as quickly as possible to prevent her home from being burned down. While running into the forest, however, she quickly finds out that there was indeed a fire, and it is spreading fairly quickly! Not only that, but the forest is crawling with monsters! Not sure what is going on, but definitely ready to act, Pink readies her trusty hammer and takes on the first slime monster to approach her.


"There is no time to lose!", she thinks as Pink battles her way through the forest, trying to reach the source of what is causing the fire. Eventually finding the source, a small baby dragon that is spitting fire everywhere, she also sees a shady looking man leaving the scene of the crime, but cannot stop him due to needing to deal with the baby dragon first. The little dragon ends up being quite weak, so Pink easily defeats it, but now the problem arises... how is she going to stop a large forest fire by herself?

Fortunately, shortly after thinking this, several citizens from the nearby village of Polac rush in, buckets in hand, ready to help out as much as they can. With the combined effort of everyone, it ends up being enough to push the fire back and put it out completely. Afterwards, Pink is informed that a traveler named Andrew was the one to rush to inform the citizens of Polac of the fire. He had smelled the smoke from nearby, and upon seeing the fire, quickly ran to get help.

Pink wonders what Andrew was doing in such a distant place and he responds how he had been chasing a man whom he had caught trying to stir up several monsters near his hometown. After thinking a moment, Pink mentions the man she saw leaving the forest just as she reached the baby dragon, and questions if the man Andrew is looking for is the same.

It turns out this man is indeed one and the same, and Andrew has some information about him. The man's name is Maxi Delran, and he is in an organization called "The Cleansers" whose purpose is to do nothing more than "cleanse all the corrupt beings from the world". The issues with such a goal being quite clear, Andrew explains how he is trying to find enough support to put a stop to the actions of The Cleansers. Pink, however, only wants to chase down Maxi and agrees to allow Andrew to travel with her because their goals are the same.

What exactly is the plan The Cleansers are trying to put into action? Will Andrew be able to find enough help to stop them? Find out more by playing Moonlite Shadows!